Coffin Mulch - Septic Funeral LP


Coffin Mulch - Septic Funeral LP


At War With False Noise

FINALLY released in physical form on vinyl! Coffin Mulch's debut 12" is entirely dedicated to death metal as it was in the glory days of the late 80s/early 90s. Buzzsaw guitars, cryptic vocals, thundering drums and death-knell rumbling bass. FFO: MASSACRE, CIANIDE, ENTOMBED, AUTOPSY and SINISTER.

"a formidable force of underground brilliance that deserves the attention of all old school death metal maniacs" - Nattskog blog

"one of the best death/doom EPs I've heard in a while and an early 2021 EP of the year contender" - Metal Bite

"stomping beats with driving bass, monster riffs and a killer mid-paced tempo full of tone and character" - The Sleeping Shaman

"Septic Funeral is quite simply joyously grotesque" - The Moshville Times