ESP Mayhem - Bloodsportswear 7"


ESP Mayhem - Bloodsportswear 7"


Nerve Altar 2020

Futureshock synthgrind from Melbourne, Australia clogging your neural network with sawtooth slaughterwaves of subversive cyber sewage. Featuring the usual cast of miscreants you love to hate from Internal Rot, Incinerated, Headless Death, Contaminated, etc.

Watch video for "Twisted Metal"

"Set to ESP Mayhem's triple-synth, no-guitar grindcore, this hyper-industrial abomination was sent from the future to kick our asses."
-Lars Gotrich, NPR Music

"...abrasive, caustic, and brutal as fuck sounding electronic grindcore." -Dead Air at the Pulpit

"...ferocious and catchy in their weird ways." -Blasting Days

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