Raw Power / Cripple Bastards ‎– Japan Tour 2019 7"


Raw Power  / Cripple Bastards ‎– Japan Tour 2019 7"


F.O.A.D. 2019

Due to the high request and the fact that the Cripple Bastards / Raw Power "Japan Tour 2019" flexi disc was sold out so quickly, FOAD Records decided to make it available again for those who didn't get the chance to catch the previous version. This repress is on cyan blue hard vinyl, again limited to 250 copies (hand numbered) with one band x each side (the flexi disc had both bands on the same side). Two unreleased tracks x each band... the CB side consists of a new song called "Ai Confini Di Quel Che Puoi Dire" and a cover of The Gerogerigegege "Ji" while RP deliver 2 brand new ones ("Use that bullet" and "It's gonna get worst")! You know what to expect: a sheer dose of ultrafast and hateful Hardcore/Grind ferocity from the Bastards and a solid thrashing Italian Hardcore attack from the pioneering legends Raw Power! Artwork by Sugi.

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