Bleeding Out - Lifelong Death Fantasy LP


Bleeding Out - Lifelong Death Fantasy LP


Profound Lore Records 2020

BLEEDING OUT use grindcore and death metal as a musical lens to stare long and hard at this pus filled, ingrown world as it burns and falls apart. Worldview begets musical conviction, and this ouroboros of violent sounds and negative outlook exists at the very heart of the band.

Their newest record, “Lifelong Death Fantasy” represents the next logical step in this symbiotic storm of deadly riffing and innermost world decay. The eight songs on this release represent an evolved, confident follow up to their 2019 split with Skullshitter on Nerve Altar Records. This 4-piece of scene veterans (Endless Blockade, Fuck The Facts, Column of Heaven, Abyss) offer up a fluid, violent musical vocabulary that shifts seamlessly between primordial grindcore, Japanese hardcore and the bottomless death metal of old. These are the scorching, blinding screams of a world marked by unprecedented suffering. This is the soundtrack to a world that is somehow calmly repeating the atrocities of the past while we collectively look forward in fear. These eight songs represent a jagged, grinding assault of bleak inward vision coupled with absolutely unrelenting riffcraft.