Blodet – Vision LP


Blodet – Vision LP


Church Road 2021

Three years on from their last EP, Kristallpalatset, Sweden’s Blodet have announced their return with a new EP, titled VISION, due for release on 24th September via Church Road Records. VISION sees the sextet build upon their sonic palette of atmospheric doom and post-metal with brooding folk and European post-hardcore sensibilites in the vein of Swans, Breach and early Amenra.

Marking their first recorded output since vocalist Hilda Heller joined in 2019, Blodet’s esoteric musical landscape is buoyed by quietly assured ruminations on the human condition and self across VISION ’s three songs. No better is this dichotomy showcased than the title-track, with the vocal refrain of “What do you see? Do you see me?”, as the song erupts in the latter half of it’s 15 plus minute slowburn - giving way to jarring post-hardcore akin to Unwound at their headiest.

On VISION, Blodet possess a familiarity for those who have long been enamoured by post-metal and post-hardcore’s more recherché leanings, whilst carving out their own niché and expanding on their native country’s rich history of colouring outside of genre lines. For this alone, VISION, is a short but vital addition to Blodet’s growing discography.

Track Listing:
01. The River
02. She Remains
03. Vision