Blood Loss ‎– Blood Loss 7"


Blood Loss ‎– Blood Loss 7"


Convulse Records 2021

Debut 7” from this band out of Denver. I hear elements of SSD’s powerful and crunchy, Discharge-influenced sound, a little NYHC, and some Blazing Eye-esque pogo hardcore on one track (“Double Life”), all wrapped up in a bleak and gritty aesthetic. Blood Loss is hardly reinventing the wheel, but they have some memorable parts, particularly on the closing “Spineless / Relentless,” on which they work in some cool Negative Approach-style stops and starts and a burst of lead guitar. A ripping EP for those of you who love fast and tough, no-nonsense hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. Who's to Blame?
02. Human Machine
03. Trapped
04. Double Life
05. Spineless/Relentless


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