CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Misantropo A Senso Unico LP+CD+7"


CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Misantropo A Senso Unico (20YearEdition LP+7"+CD diehard)


F.O.A.D. 2020

"Misantropo a senso unico" - Italy's most classic Grindcore album ever - turns 20 and gets celebrated with a top notch deluxe edition enriched with a lot of extra contents. Originally released in 2000, CB's 2nd full length is an incredible outburst of hyperfast hate-fueled Grind rooted in the most furious and violent 80's Italian Hardcore. 16 songs of manic speed scream-out-lungs hatred at its most nihilistic form, the band's absolute manifesto. UK's Terrorizer Mag quoted it as nr. 6 of the most essential Grindcore albums of all times. S.O.D. / Brutal Truth / Hemlock / Anthrax / Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker about this album: "exquisitely insane hardcore grind that reminds me of why I got into all this shit back in the late Eighties". This package includes both the original version (2000) and the highly acclaimed redux edition (that adds a bonus track) made in 2013 starting from the master reels, mixed with feverish care at Toxic Basement Studio under constant supervision of the band, to keep the original rawness and rage completely intact and utterly reinforced. And to make this version the most exhaustive ever, you'll also find the 7"EP "Il grande silenzio", recorded few months before the album and including rawer versions of 5 hits later re-recorded on the album. The definitive untoppable re-edition of this masterpiece of bloodthirsty fury!
- LP with the original version (2000)
- pristine replica of the original gatefold jacket printed in the same factory as the 2000 version
- 24 page booklet
- bonus "Il grande silenzio" 7"
- bonus CD with the 2013 redux version including 1 bonus track
- enhanced video documentary about the album