Decline - Broken LP


Decline - Broken LP


New Age Records 2022

Chicago, IL's Decline plays fast, unapologetic hardcore with an impassioned message of allyship for the marginalized, anger at the injustice perpetrated toward humans and animals, and growth through continual, lifelong introspection. "Broken" is the follow-up to 2018's "Own Your Words." For fans of Youth Of Today, Judge, and Bane. LP includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side.

100 Yellow (RevHQ Exclusive)
115 Grey/Maroon/Tan Split

Track Listing:

1. Deceived
2. Thoughts And Prayers
3. Generativity Vs. Stagnation
4. Empty Cages
5. Scars
6. Paper Thin
7. Our Time
8. Dad Bod