Sexless Marriage - Sexless Marriage 10"


Sexless Marriage - Sexless Marriage 10"


Protagonist Music 2022

This grinding, stomping, unrelenting hardcore cacophony sounds very much like the 2020 hellscape in which it was conceived. Current/former members of Umbra Vitae, Doomriders, The Red Chord, Deafheaven, Weak Flesh, and Wear Your Wounds have created something appropriately raw and unpleasant here. A fitting nod to our waking nightmares, and another musical black eye courtesy of the Boston scene.

Track Listing:
01. Harp Polisher
02. Habitual Sick
03. Erosion Syndrome
04. Dirt Noose
05. Nameless Wave
06. Smother Club
07. Daisy Cutter
08. Masticate
09. Forcefed
10. ///