Planet On A Chain - Deprogram LP


Planet On A Chain - Deprogram LP


Revelation Records 2023

 PLANET ON A CHAIN’s Deprogram was
originally released digitally only in 2022, and
is now available on vinyl for the first time.
Guitarist Brian Stern recalls, “I can remember
TEAR IT UP playing at the Ranch house in
Portland back in the early 2000s, they played
outside in the side yard. TALK IS POISON
was rehearsing for some shows in the
basement and we met Dave and crew (they
were playing that day with WHAT HAPPENS
NEXT, LIFES HALT—the best folks on the
We played with each others bands afterward
on the East Coast, ABC NO RIO on New York
City’s Lower East Side for sure, LOOK BACK
CALIFORNIA LOVE. That sort of thing. We
have mutual friends and a lot of the same
exceptional and dumb interests, may have
even mentioned potentially doing a project
back around 2006? The pandemic and
smart phones made that very possible, lol.
Dave and I started making songs (lyrics /
music respectively) and sending them back
and forth via text / Scratch Track during
quarantine / shelter-in-place period, we made
those songs into demos with Garageband.

The quality was terrible, in a cool, low-
fidelity way, we didn’t spend a lot of time on

them, strictly first-take policy. I love home
recordings and home demos where it sounds
rough, with chunks and all, and the vocals
sounding as if they are coming from across
a long hall, bass is behind a cinderblock wall
down the street. Chris Corry made those all
listenable, but the source recordings were
all done pretty badly by me (Brian). To be
honest, the listener was never in mind, only
an afterthought, they were demos. In June
2022, we tuned up and re-imagined a bunch
of the demo songs and gave them a proper
studio recording with Jack Shirley at Atomic
Garden in Oakland, CA.”


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