Bystander - Where Did We Go Wrong? LP


Bystander - Where Did We Go Wrong? LP 


Safe Inside Records 2019

In 2018, four individuals came together to juxtapose a modern age of hardcore that had become heavy and metallic. Picking up the pace to tempos best suited for running in circles, combined with introspective and thought-proving lyrical content, BYSTANDER was born. 2018 saw the release of their self-titled 7” EP on Safe Inside Records, the addition of a fifth member, and some tours on the West Coast and Midwest of the United States. 2019 is the year that BYSTANDER will release their follow up 12” EP, and is also when the band will embark on their first tour of Europe with a stop at Fluff Fest. Featuring Greg Bennick of Trial and current and former members of Spirits, Test of Time, and Decline, Bystander has their sights set on becoming a positive force of change in the hardcore scene. They hope to leave the breakdowns behind, as they set forth with open minds for the future. 

Track Listing:  
01. Where Did We Go Wrong 
02. Keep Your Edge 
03. Nowhere else Id Rather Be 
04. The Distance 
05. Sing With Me Tonight 
06. Give It Away 
07. Broken no more

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