Chemical Fix - Leisure Fear 7"Flexi (Orange Vinyl)


Chemical Fix - Leisure Fear 7"Flexi (Orange Vinyl)


Safe Inside Records 2019

Drawing from influences like American Nightmare, Carry On and Panic, Chemical Fix is a pointed and refreshing take on a classic style being modernly reinvigorated; familiar yet contemporary. Unsatisfied with simply pulling from it's early 2000s hardcore roots, the band expands on the sound and pushes it into harder, more agressive directions. Sharing members with other fast, aggressive Philly based hardcore outfits (Fixation, Drowse), Chemical Fix emerges to bolster the genre's lineage with snarling live displays of primal rage at breakneck speeds and tactical precision. In 2019 they released a 7" flexi of their EP "Leisure Fear" with Safe Inside Records; a concise articulated onslaught in five tracks with subject matter ranging from socio-political to personal and introspective. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s own Wyatt Oberholzer (YOTK, No Option, Foreign Hands), and will be followed by an LP in 2020. 

Track Listing: 
01. Quench 
02. Stockholm 
03. Grays 
04. Feign 
05. S.T.A.B.S.

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