Nowhere Roads - Waiting 7" Flexi


Nowhere Roads - Waiting 7" Flexi


Safe Inside Records 2020

Born out of the need to create, as well as the interwoven common bond of hardcore, Nowhere Roads came alive in 2017. The band roster consists of current/former members of heavy hitters like Wisdom in Chains, Floorpunch, Edgewise, & others, making them a veteran force to be noticed. Every member has a history in hardcore, and each continues to carry that torch as musicians, as well as fans, with as much conviction as when it was fired on years ago. Threading together the roots of their collective pasts, with the intensity and ambition of the genre's history - the sound accomplished is all their own. Their combined efforts, culminating into incendiary blasts, that find recognizable traits exploding into unique new takes on a legacy of hardcore pride. Heavy, melodic grooves give way to fast, aggressive arrangements with plenty of MOSH & sing alongs, all summed to the calculated vision of creating catchy songs. Topped off and delivered with a fierce level of lyrical heartfelt honesty. It's been said that Nowhere Roads have sounds similar to bands like Bane, Burn, 108, Comeback Kid, and Inside Out - but it's also been said they sound like no one. Having put out their Toil Every Second" seven inch ep (on the now defunct Cointoss Records) in late 2018, and a gang of shows to support in 2019, the band shows no sign of letting up. With their recent signing to the fast growing Safe Inside Records, Nowhere Roads are poised to continue hammering ears and minds with their unique sound and live performance.

Track Listing: 
01. Waiting
02. D&D
03. Prosper

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