All Out War - Celestial Rot LP


All Out War - Celestial Rot LP


Revelation Records 2023

New York's All Out War is one of the true originators of modern metalcore as we know it, not only predating the genre term but defying, combining, and defining what hardcore and metal should sound like for almost 30 years, while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. "Celestial Rot" is the band's eighth full-length offering, containing ten tracks of pure aural devastation and offers up their most expansive release to date, while reaffirming their position as one of the most powerful and aggressive bands in extreme music. Never content with maintaining the status quo, All Out War constantly pushes the boundaries of extreme music with every release, this time around melding black-metal and death-metal influences to the mix while effortlessly maintaining their signature sound. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 100 copies.

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