Autumn – The Cycle Revolves in Ceaseless Motion LP


Autumn – The Cycle Revolves in Ceaseless Motion LP


Simba Recordings

Formed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, in 1994, Autumn quickly became known as one of the pioneers of the early screamo/hardcore genre with their groundbreaking, self-titled, four-song demo cassette. This retrospective features alternate versions of several released songs and comp tracks as well as songs from the bands final recording session that were released on an extremely limited 7" titled "The Box In The Cellar" after their breakup. LP includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. The Nameless
2. My Eternity
3. Every Day I Live
4. Buried
5. Wrong
6. Final Dream
7. One Step Away
8. Rain In Winter
9. Glass, Bound And Gagged
10. Smirkface
11. Coin Toss
12. This Is The Whole Picture

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