Cripple Bastards - From '88 to '91 2xLP


Cripple Bastards - From '88 to '91 2xLP



Diehard edition on swampy swirl green vinyl (150 copies).
An infamous collection of very early C.B. recordings: 336 SONGS - ASTI NOISE-GRIND PUNK at its roughest stage. Official reissue of CB's most circulated tape, originally released in 1992, finally consecrated on vinyl... an unbelievable bloodbath of lo-fi rawness going from the embryonic thrashing punk/grind days to the radical nihilism of the band's noisecore phase. This tape embodies the roots of Italian grindcore and the link between the end of an era (the unforgettable furious years of Italy's hardcore punk pioneers) to the beginning of a new one more based on noise and manic speed. Ripped from 1st generation sources and painstakingly remastered song by song at Toxic Basement Studio in 2022 to celebrate the 30th year anniversary since its first edition. Includes A2 insert/poster with scans of the original tape, photos, liner notes and a massive reproduction of the 1992 flyer.

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