Deaf Club - Productive Disruption LP


Deaf Club - Productive Disruption LP


Three One G 2022

Ironically, Deaf Club’s debut LP was recorded on the same day as what would become known colloquially as The Insurrection - January 6th, 2021. While the actions that day at The Capitol were aimless, unplanned, asinine and delusional, this album was created in direct opposition without even knowing it: it is intentional, tactical, bitterly relevant. In short, it serves as a productive disruption to the bootlicking, copsucking, flag-fucking frenzy we’ve found ourselves surrounded by. And although the band’s 2019 EP, Contemporary Sickness, delivered its own blastbeat-fueled urgency in message and tone, this full-length ventures deeper into the abyss. Having had time to stew in the cesspool of the last two years and mutating into its newest variant, Deaf Club confidently emerged angrier, evolved, more focused and thus, more dangerous. It discovers nastier, weirder, grimier territory, often through its use of pedals and distortion, in large part due to the addition of sci fi shredder Tommy Meehan (The Manx, Sweatband Records co-founder). Alongside Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), these two guitarists leave no sound untuned. Merge this with Justin Pearson’s (The Locust, Dead Cross, Satanic Planet) always acerbic lyrics alongside drummer Scott Osment (Weak Flesh, Planet B) and bassist Jason Klein (Run With the Hunted), and what you end up with is Productive Disruption: a death threat to some, a love letter to others.

Track Listing:
01. For a Good Time Call Someone Else
02. Chew the Fat
03. Don't Forget to Live
04. Catching Flies
05. Shoplift from Jail
06. Wide Lawn, Narrow Mind
07. Full as a Tick
08. Someday All Men Will Die
09. A Day at the Racist
10. New Voodoo
11. Stop Appealing to God
12. Public Acid
13. Power of Negative Thinking
14. Planet Bombing

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