Implore - The Burden Of Existence LP


Implore - The Burden Of Existence LP


Church Road 2022

The highly anticipated album from extreme metallers Implore. Their fresh mix of all extreme styles including punk, death metal and hardcore are on full display on ‘The Burden of Existence’, this album is set to send the band to new heights. Implore was formed in 2013 in the north of Germany, after some tours and a couple of releases the line up shifted to members coming from all around Europe.

Track Listing:
01. Prior Void
02. The Burden of Existence
03. Archetype
04. Masochistic Tendencies
05. Accept the Loss
06. Sun Deprived
07. Failure Through Self Preservation
08. Ultimate Freedom
09. Love Will Gradually Perish
10. The Sense of Endings


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