Mean Season - Go To Hell LP


Mean Season - Go To Hell LP


Indecision Records

Today the melding of hardcore and metal is a given and not something that you give a second thought to. Though that was not the case in the early 1990’s when MEAN SEASON, among other like minded bands, were experimenting with their shared love of 80’s hardcore and metal. This resulting sound became a contributing factor to the blueprint for what would later be known as ‘metalcore’ barely a decade later. The band started to wind down as the 90’s went on and recorded their final track in 1995 for a compilation, Guilty By Association, which was also the first LP release for Indecision Records.

Fast forward 25 years. The members of MEAN SEASON are still friends and a conversation about some riffs that need a home sparks the idea of a recording session and by extension, the first MEAN SEASON album since 1994’s Grace. A mix of new songs and some covers is the final result and is set for release on May12th. 500 copies pressed on Silver vinyl. All vinyl purchase will receive a digital download which has two more bonus tracks.

1. Dreadful Premonition
2. Go.T.H.
3. Lonely Horse
4. Key-Per (Keep Her)
5. Debonair
6. BF
7. Fade To Darkness
8. The Journey

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