Mule Skinner ‎– Beyond The Abuse 1991-93 LP


Mule Skinner ‎– Beyond The Abuse 1991-93 LP 


F.O.A.D. 2018

A descent into the early terrorizing sounds of this legendary New Orleans' Death/Grindcore unit. This LP includes their "Stripped of flesh" Demo (1991), "Servitude" EP (1993) and a completely unreleased "Abuse" demo (1993) recently found in the band's archives. As usual meticulously restored and remastered for the most devastating sonic impact on vinyl. Get ready for a fierce bombing of pulverizing, Death-tinged Grindcore delivered with ferocious speed and tightness. LP including an insert and a poster with liner notes, rare flyers and photos, original artworks and more!


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