Ratos De Porão – Isentön Päunokü 10"


Ratos De Porão – Isentön Päunokü 10"



Diehard edition on splatter white melted with black vinyl (150 copies).
RxDxPx performing TERVEET KÄDET's legendary 7" " Ääretön Joulu" (1982)! One of the greatest singles in the history of hardcore punk masterfully reinterpreted in its entirety by Brazil's stainless thrashcore kings.
You surely know what to expect from a titan showdown like this: speed, ferocious energy and sheer hardcore intensity! 10 songs - recorded in 2022, all sung in Portuguese so that "Pissaa ja paskaa" becomes "Fuder a empregada", "Outo maa" is "Rosca solta" and so on. A must for every hardcore maniac!

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