The Locust – Safety Second, Body Last LP


The Locust – Safety Second, Body Last LP


Three One G 2022

2005 saw the Ipecac Recordings/Radio Surgery release of The Locust’s “Safety Second, Body Last,” the follow-up EP to their acclaimed album, “Plague Soundscapes.” The concept for SSBL has been explained as one 10-minute song split into two tracks, each of which is further dissected into separate movements. The result is a timeless sci-fi onslaught described in reviews as an “elegant mind-fuck of organized noise” and “a fascinating contrast full of viciously dadaist musical fragments and surreal, perceptive lyrics.”

The now well-recognized cover art is a piece titled “Treatment” by Neil Burke, a member of likeminded experimental band Men’s Recovery Project.

Track Listing:
01. Armless and Overactive
Who's Handling the Population Paste?
Invented Organs
New Tongue Sweepstakes
Consenting Abscess (Part 1)
Consenting Abscess (Part 2)

2. One Decent Leg
Movement Across the Membrane
Oscillating Eyes
Immune System Overtime
Hairy Mouth

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