Tzompantli - Tlazcaltiliztli LP


Tzompantli - Tlazcaltiliztli LP


20 Buck Spin 2022

Well, this LP was already supposed to be done and ship a month ago. As of today the pressing plant has pressed the black vinyl, but not the color vinyl. We get a pressing date, and each time it comes it gets pushed back a few more days. Right now the date is June 24th. Before that it was June 21st. Before that it was June 17th. This has been happening since mid-May. So far the only answer we've managed to get is there MAY BE an availability issue with certain color compounds, the elements used to create color vinyl variants. But we have no definitive confirmation of that. All we really know is the date for pressing keeps getting pushed back. As soon as we have news beyond that you'll have it too. Generally the press dates we get are accurate and we base pre-order timing on that as we typically don't like to hold pre-orders for more than 2-3 months, preferably even lessA Tzompantli, in bygone days, was a rack used to display human skulls, often of enemies or sacrifices, in several Mesoamerican civilizations. In 2022, Tzompantli is a beyond crushing Death Doom war march built on a bedrock of Native / Indigenous themes, rituals and history, illuminating the splendor, brutality and despair within.

Nearly three years after the band’s self-released EP, Tzompantli’s debut full length presents the first smoke-conjured specter to manifest materially. ‘Tlazcaltiliztli’, a ritual ceremony that translates to; ‘nourishing the fire and sun with blood’, is imbued with the spirit of Native inspiration that dwells deep within the heart and soul of the project and is skillfully weaved into a traditional bludgeoning framework of spine-severing savagery and melancholic anguish. On the ritualistic ‘Eltequi’ (to cut the chest open and extract the heart as an offering) the band’s unification of native / folk instrumentation and heaviness becomes one in the same, opening vast new horizons for where this sound can go.

‘Tlazcaltiliztli’ is dedicated, and an offering, to the indigenous peoples, nations & tribes of the North, South, East & West of the American continents. It marks a fearsome and spirited new vision for the Death Metal underground.

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