V/A - The Extermination Compilation: Volume IV LP


V/A - The Extermination Compilation: Volume IV LP


Flatspot Records

After almost 20 years as a label, Flatspot Records is setting their sights big in 2023 - bringing more bands to their roster and releasing volume four of "The Extermination" compilation. With Volume four, they present the next wave of hardcore from their perspective. For this volume, every single band gave 110% of raw power and pure energy.

Track Listing:

1. Speed - One Blood We Bleed
2. The Chisel - Punisher
3. Buggin - Attitude
4. Section H8 - Unhinged
5. Raw Brigade - Keep On Running (Crux Cover)
6. Jivebomb - American Rule
7. End It - Familia Finito
8. Spy - Mob
9. Law Of Power - Nothing To Show
10. M.A.D. - The Axeman's Letter
11. Choice To Make - Tryin'

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