Wallowing - Earth Reaper LP


Wallowing - Earth Reaper LP


Church Road 2023

From the bands conception in 2018, the faceless UK based Sci-fi/extreme metal troop WALLOWING have gone strength to drastic strength, being quickly labelled as one of the UK's 'must see live bands' pre-lockdown (something they have enthusiastically kept up into 2023), to finding their feet within the expanded metal and science fiction communities throughout the covid-19 pandemic. Through the release of their debut album 'PLANET LOSS' (via Sludgelord Records (UK) and Black Voodoo Records (USA), paired with their first dive into retro-styled comic books, graphic novels and action figures during covid-19 lockdown, the band rapidly gained a strong and dedicated following spanning the globe - A committed fanbase that they were able to count upon once the world opened again, allowing the band to embark on two extensive tours of the UK, perform internationally for the first time, collaborate with musicians in the USA on a split record, and re-release their debut album in Asia (via Gutless Productions).

Their explosive, riff fueled 2019 debut concept album 'PLANET LOSS' struck an eerie chord with many for it's dark foretelling of a grim reality that could befall our own planet in the not-too-distant future. Receiving global praise from press, the underground metal scene and ironically becoming the "soundtrack to the end" for many throughout 2020, has poised WALLOWING perfectly for the release of their Church Road Records debut; EARTH REAPER - their most intense and expansive release to date.

Track Listing:
01. A World Weeping
02. Flesh and Steel
03. Echoes of the Outer Reaches
04. Cries of Estima
05. Obliteration
06. Cyborg Asphyxiation
07. Earth Reaper

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