Altarage - Succumb 2XLP


Altarage - Succumb 2XLP


Season Of Mist 2021

ALTARAGE deliver exactly what the underground buzz around them promised.
Their fourth full-length, ‘Succumb’ is bristling with black and dissonant death metal fury that immediately evokes a plethora of sinister images in the brain. Its origin lies in the destructiveness of nostalgia, among other things...

For fans of Portal, Ævangelist and Bölzer.
Artwork by David Jorquera

Side A: Negative Arrival/Magno Evento/Maneuvre/Foregone
Side B: Drainage Mechanism/Watcher Witness/Fair Warning/Lavath
Side C: Forja/Inwards/Vour Concession
Side D: Devorador De Mundos