Predatory Light - Death And The Twilight Hours LP


Predatory Light - Death And The Twilight Hours LP


20 Buck Spin 2022

Hail horrors! After six years in deathlike repose, Predatory Light returns. From beneath churchyard stones, the bare, ruined choir sets forth to drape the world in its nocturnal lightings. Once again established in the spiritual desert of the southwest, the devil’s quartet has been reanimated by the same infernal regents that compose the deadly Superstition. As a result, the four musicians that conceived ‘The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation’, in Predatory Light, delve into far bleaker corners of their dark twisting subconscious.

“Death And The Twilight Hours”, the second album from Predatory Light is comprised of four towering mazes of infernal technicality, ancient evil, and eerie church nightmare Black Metal of the South European and South American style. These four hymns conceptually meditate on the triumph of death during times of plague, focusing on the psychological terror and rapture of humanity’s impending doom. Borrowing imagery from Boccaccio’s account of the plague in his native Florence and inspired by Lucretius’ record of the Athenian Plague, Predatory Light explores the historical mindset of human sin and torment- evoking the archetypal personification of death as it tethers human consciousness to the realm of earthly suffering.

The sinister, spectral guitars that drift like cemetery mist over everything and beckon for release tell the story on “Death And The Twilight Hours” as much as the scathing diseased vocals guiding the path. Now resolutely ascendent, Predatory Light’s return heralds the second coming of one of US black metal’s immense outliers.