Zombi - Zombi & Friends, Volume 1 LP


Zombi - Zombi & Friends, Volume 1 LP


Relapse Records 2022

ZOMBI & Friends, Vol. 1 sees the band faithfully covering tracks ranging from The Doobie Brothers, to The Alan Parsons Project, Dionne Warwick, and Neil Diamond! ZOMBI & Friends, Vol. 1features guest appearances from members of The Sword, Trans Am, Pinkish Black, Zao and more!Heaven is Here proves to be a record where the songs feel like a merciful reprieve from the screeching interludes; a masterful almanac of noise welded together by the unpredictable ways that we hear and reproduce the music we love in the era of unending dopamine hits and virulent technological doom.

Side A :
Human Condition Above Human Opinion / Mutilation / Heaven Is Here / Price Of Utopia / Transcend To Wet

Side B :
Hysteric Bliss / World Of Shit / Fantasy/Greed / Kinesthesia / Perverse